T-N-T Live Weekends

Chiropractors need CA’s to be able to support their mission.  To be the best every CA needs to understand chiropractic, be able to simply and clearly communicate chiropractic, and have the tools they need to advance the office mission.

That is what we do at a T-N-T weekend!  We determine what are the biggest road blocks to growth in the individual offices that are in the room, and we tailor each seminar to fit the needs of the room!  We cover the same material each weekend, but our focus is what the needs of the room are!  Every office will return on Monday morning with an action plan to begin, and overcome what is blocking growth!

T-N-T Live Weekend FAQ

What is covered?

We begin the weekend by setting a strong foundation in chiropractic, the why behind the what.  Then we cover the what with phone scripts, scheduling, NP procedures, collection strategies, cross-training, and how to support the DC.

Do we get materials to bring home?

Each participant will receive a training manual with all the scripts and explanations of procedures to take home and continue to utilize.

Our weekend T-N-T’s typically begin on Friday late afternoon, and end early Saturday evening.  It is an intense weekend that covers chiropractic knowledge, scripts, role playing, and purpose.  Our T-N-T weekends are designed to meet the needs of the offices in the room.  Each weekend covers the same material, but we put more focus on the areas that the present offices need.  We are here to serve YOUR needs to grow!  Every office leaves the weekend with an action plan to begin Monday morning!

Should the DC attend?

We do have a DC breakout session, and we have seen procedures implemented quicker when the DC is there.  If you the DC cannot make it, your team will still benefit from the experience and training.

Should I send my whole team?

Many DC’s want to send their office managers and have the OM train the rest of the team upon their return.  What we have found is that when an entire team is training together, they all return Monday on the same page ready for action!  We go through an exercise to build and strengthen the team and when they create the action plan together you have a higher level of success when  they return.

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