Online Training

This is a monthly subscription training.  The first 3 modules are called the First 5 days.  They are designed for two goals.  The first is to train a new CA and have him/her after the first 5 days as an active contributor to your team.  The second goal, is to utilize these modules for ongoing training on the basics.

If we look at any professional sports team, we know the team mates are the top in their field, and how do they stay on top?  The constantly practice the fundamentals, it is no different for our CA’s, when we do not practice our fundamentals, key elements of our systems slip, and the chaos begins to win.  To create a smooth office, we need to be professionals, and always at the top of our game!

Every 30 days a new module opens and covers topics such as referrals, patient management, and downtime activities. We understand growing offices need training on your schedule, not ours, so once you open a topic, you can access when the need arises, as long as your subscription is current.  There are 15 total modules.  There is a 3 month minimum commitment, once you have opened all 15 modules, there is a minimal fee to keep your access for another 12 months.

CA and DC tracks.  The DC track has modules that address the DC side of office management.  Some topics include, how to hire, how to train, bonus systems, leadership levels and more.

Smooth Teams Online Modules

  • Intro to Chiropractic
  • Day 1/Day 2
  • Billing Basics
  • Patient Management
  • Billing
  • Downtime Activities
  • Internal Referrals
  • Leadership Levels
  • Avoiding Drama
  • CA Focus/Attitude
  • FAQ


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