Dr. Mike Southwick, DC

Dr. Mike has been in practice since 1999. Through his own up and downs of practice management and staff turnover, he has created systems that work in TODAY’s world. He has learned first hand that what sounds best does not always work best for a busy office. Mike’s ability to create a “tight ship” in your office calculates into lives saved, and rewards earned. Dr. Mike has worked with Everest Coaching Systems, and has spoken for New Patient Maven Seminars, at ChiroFEST, and at several EPOC groups around the country.

Amy Southwick

Amy has been working in chiropractic since 1999 with her husband, Dr. Mike Southwick. She has a background in customer service and public relations, and brings her knowledge and expertise of those industries to the chiropractic profession. She has worked every position in the office, and helps to streamline office policies and procedures to keep running the office simple and effective.

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