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Smooth Teams – With Perfect Alignment Everything is Possible

Have you ever wondered if there are ways you can increase efficiencies to be more productive? Every chiropractor has many hats to wear. Each day you have to be focused on patient care, sharing chiropractic with your community, and running a productive profitable office. When you have a well trained team, your goals can be easily achieved. But how do you create a team that can efficiently and effectively run your office? Smooth Teams is here to help.

Our Philosophy

Smooth Teams systems focus on creating a team atmosphere.  When CA’s understand their role in the success in the office, and how to co-create results with the DC AND fellow CA’s, a smooth team is created.

We focus our trainings on supporting the DC, CA’s and the patients.

A CA (chiropractic assistant) can become a CE (chiropractic educator) with the proper education and ongoing training.

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